Blood Banks

Current Scenario

The scenario in terms of collaboration between major Blood Banks such as Rotary, Indian Red Cross, Government Hospitals and so many others needs to be studied better. We do understand that most of the bodies work via existing mechanisms of camp calendars in Corporate, Educational Institutions or invited by facilitiating NGOs. There isn't a precise information in terms of stocks of units, components etc which becomes the deciding factor for the need and correspondingly the collection. The reason is because there isn't a mechanism to target potential donors. Hence its an open ended mechanism all through.

Our Effort

- Provide clear mapping and standardized mechanims to trigger alerts and avoid wastage via appropriate inventory management.

- Provide better support in terms of camp/donor management and an organized manner of partnership with various Institutions.

- Provide a platform to provide validations to the donors to increase donor confidence.

- Provide a platform for targetted communications in terms of the demand/requirements of the season/day. The camps can be targetted to a specific audience so as to cater to the specific requirements for the day e.g., 25 units of A+, 15 units AB-, 5 units O+ can become the minimum threshold to mark the camp as a success instead of keeping it open ended as is the case right now.

- Provide a platform to tap existing/regular donors instead of trying to generate fresh donors via posters/campaigns and preaching.

- Provide a platform for information management between Blood Banks/ Hospitals for effective distribution management in terms of emergency handling or stock utilization.

- Provides a platform for predictive analysis and hence potential demand scenarios based on previous data points.