Current Scenario

General scenario is that Students are exposed to a Blood Donation camp which is organized in an year in the campus in most colleges. Later in life, such events encountered in corporate scenarios reduces. A donor reacts in terms of emergency scenarios with friends/family/colleagues. A donor does not have a clear accessible record of how many times or to whom has he/she donated. Typically the donor doesn't have any record or a transaction slip or an email for reference with any referenceable id for the donation. Donor doesn't even have information whether the unit was utilized to be broken into components or was wasted.

Our Effort

For Donors : Blood Banks can facilitate validation mechanism in which the Donor gets a clear record of receipt of Donation say in terms of the transaction id. Currently a donor doesn't get any information or communication w.r.t a donation except for a card sometimes.

Donors get multiple identification when they donate with different Blood Banks or Organisation. The platform helps them get a unique identification across bodies.

Donors can get correct information on the nearest camps based on their location - work or residence on the particular day and also depending on the Blood Group that the Donor has. They will not get any communication in the 3 months window period after they have donated.

A donor typically or many a times gets a unit replacement card valid for 3/6 months. Probability of non-utilization, losing the card and the card not being honored at the approached blood bank is extremely high. We visualize that with Blood Banking partners on the platform, a donor will eventually be able to transfer the unit online to a needy person on his/her network without needing to be physically present at every encountered emergency.

A donor gets incentivized interms of the Transparent Process, Social Recognition, Ability to support friends/family when in need, Health Checkups can be facilitated. We can facilitate other benefits via partnering with Organizations to provide support and incentives.