Institutions - Educational / Corporate

Current Scenario

Institutions such as colleges or Corporates organizes camps mostly once a year via some nearest Blood Bank or via some Partner NGO which approaches them for a camp. They do not have an organized way of managing the events and neither do they have a clear manner of communication to the participants.

Neither does any institution or corporates have a manner in which they would have kept the data of any event viz.,
- how many collections happened on the event.
- the details of individuals who donated.
- the details of individuals who were rejected due to any reasons.
- details about their internal communication and turnout ratio.
- details of the exact requirements of the Blood Bank which can suggest the camp as a success for the day.
Over a period of time, they do not have enough accessible data to project themselves in terms of collaboration to the society.

Our Effort

For Corporates/Institutions who are organising camps say any company or an educational setup along with Blood Banks say Rotary, RedCross, AIIMS etc, the Corporates/Institutions can have a Institutional Account on RedDrop365 platform. This will help them record and showcase their contributions over a period of time.

The Donors can tag themselves with Corporates or Educational Institutions say like LinkedIn and hence an Institutional Page can get an idea of how much of their alumni or current members have been contributing.

They can have better event management support via the platform in terms of connecting, scheduling and recording the outcomes of the event.

They can have targetted communication internally and also map their members who for some reason were unable to donate or rejected due to health reasons. This gives an opportunity for them to monitor the health of their members.

They can showcase their contributions in social forums or corporate/institutional annual reports/magazines.