A Blood Management Platform with a 360 degree approach

Donor Management

We help Corporates, Educational Institutions etc to manage their donors and have a platform to know their contributions. We also help them screen and plan for required contributions by our Partners. We can help them record Social Contribution Points on our platform with an Institutional Login for record and promotions.

Donor Validations and Communications Management

We help NGO's, Blood Banks and Hospitals manage the Donor records in terms of validation and communication to the Donors to encourage future donations.

Pipeline and Data Management

We can help in addressing supply requirements and channelizing the information to balance storage, wastage and predictive mechanisms to ensure safe window periods of supplies.

Donor Retention

From the Donors perspective, we support them by providing them Universal Identifications and ensuring that their donations are validated and confirmed by the recipient partners (Blood Banks and Hospitals). We support them with communication to ensure repeat donations at their convenience and comfort. We provide them with Social Contribution Points to be shared on their social media channels.



A capable donor who can donate 4 times an year and doesn't fear the process is wasted in terms of the potential contribution that he/she can have during the lifetime.

Institutions & Corporates

Institutions & Corporates do not have an organized way of managing the events and neither do they have a clear manner of communication to the participants.

Blood Banks & Hospitals

Blood Banks & Hospitals do not have precise information in terms of stocks of units, components etc which becomes the deciding factor for the need and correspondingly the collection.

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